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Twelve days of Christmas, day seven: Feel better set

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Twelve days of Christmas, day seven: Feel better set

This set is a warm hug, delivered. When I curated this seventh day, I had my college students in mind, but it's a great set to have on hand for yourself or save for sick friends during cold and flu and covid season.

Our best selling bath salts, lavender edition, are packaged in a stunning and reusable glass jar. A couple spoon fulls will provide an aromatherapy experience to help relax from whatever ails you. Followed by a little lavender body oil, that feeling of calm and soothing can last all day.

Our chest balm is both wonderful and it's own rite and also full of nostalgia, reminiscent of that blue jar most of us grew up with, but with a natural twist. No petroleum products are inside, just beeswax, creamy olive oil plus menthol, peppermint and eucalyptus to provide a feeling of relief from congestion and warmth to the skin.

Please note: these products are for ages twelve and up.