Our Ingredients

We choose the finest and ethically sourced, quality ingredients for our soap and body products.


We are not an allergen free facility, so please use caution if you have an allergy to any of our ingredients, as all products are crafted in close quarters, using the same vessels. 

Bar soaps: sustainable palm, organic coconut, organic cocoa butter, organic olive oil, sodium hydroxide, ethically sourced Micas, fragrance oils

Orange Honey shampoo bars: organic coconut, unrefined shea, rice bran oils, sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, honey, orange oil, fragrance

Invigorating shampoo bars: sustainable palm, organic coconut, castor oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, fragrance

Mountain man bars: organic coconut, unrefined shea, olive oil, hemp oil, avocado oil, castor oil, honey, cedar wood, sodium hydroxide, fragrance

Solid conditioner bars: BTMS 25, cetyl alcohol, jojoba, cocoa butter, argan oil, dimethicone, Vitamin E, Glycerin, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed proteins, fragrance, optiphen, fragrance

shave bars: organic coconut, sustainable palm, castor, sunflower, olive, cocoa butter, bentonite clay, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, mica powder

bath bombs: baking soda, citric acid, SLSA, milk powders, polysorbate 80, sunflower oil, Alcohol, cream of tartar, micas, lakes, botanicals, fragrance

Sea salt scrub: Dead Sea salt, olive oil, emulsifying wax, polysorbate 80, fragrance 

Body butters: unrefined shea butter, organic coconut oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance

Healing Heel balms: coconut, shea, beeswax

Natural Deodorant: unrefined shea, organic coconut, cocoa butter, beeswax, ricinoleate pellets, arrowroot powder, fragrance

All other assorted salves, creams and balms: olive, coconut, shea, cocoa, beeswax, almond oils, fragrances