Our Story

It is our family's inherent belief that when you have more than you need, it is an opportunity to build a longer table and share with others. We've added many seats to our own family table through the years and welcomed children to our arms through biology, foster care and international adoption. 

Our shop has grown from a kitchen table operation to an over-flowing home based business, but our purpose has remained the same: To support the adoption of children with Down Syndrome from Eastern Europe. Soaps and candles, baby lotion and body butters have brought home two sons and a daughter to our longer table, all lucky recipients of an extra 21st chromosome. While our family is finished growing (for now, at least, with ten beautiful children), we still have big dreams for our apothecary. A portion of sales will benefit other families adopting children with Down Syndrome, and as we look to the future, we are excited to create meaningful work opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities. One day we hope to come full circle and have the same children our shop brought home working alongside us. 

We are committed to creating beautiful, sustainable products that your family will love. Whether you check us out for the purpose or the products, we hope we can provide home and beauty products that you enjoy and come back for time and time again!