FAQ and how to use your longer table products

Q: Where are your products made?
A: Every item in our shop is made by hand in small batches in our small, in home soap studio in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Q: Are your products vegan?
A: Our owner, Stephanie, is a vegetarian and uses plant based products in her products. Our soaps do not contain lard or tallow. However, we do use beeswax in many of our products. 

Q: How can I extend the life of my soap?
A: After use, place your soap in a spot where it can dry, such as a soap dish or dry towel, and it will last for many, many uses!

Q: I have ethical concerns about palm oil/coconut oil/shea butter... 
A: We do, too! We are committed to using sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients in all of our products from oils to fragrances to mica powders. 

Q: What is sodium hydroxide? Is that lye? I would prefer a lye free soap.
A: This is a really common concern. Lye is used in many industries, from soap to pretzel making! The process of soap making will always include lye, the finished products cannot be soap without it. When lye and oils meet, a process called saponification occurs and the end result is soap. No need to worry, though, the finished product contains no lye. 

How do I use my new products from the Longer Table?

Body butter: 
a little goes a long way! Start with a quarter sized amount and let it melt into skin and rub in. Avoid contact with eyes. No matter how good it smells, it's not frosting so do not eat it, please.

Salves and body balms:
warm a tiny amount in your hand before spreading onto intended area. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. Menthol Eucalyptus chest balm is for ages twelve and up. Keep out of reach of children. 

Shampoo and Conditioner bars/Mountain man bar:
some clients like the "direct on hair" method and some prefer to build a lather with their hands and apply that lather to their hair and scalp. When we use our shampoo bar we simply rub the bar on wet scalp until a lather forms and then rub the lather into our scalp and rinse through to ends. Rinse thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes. Standing out of the direct stream of the shower, ring extra water out of your hair and apply the conditioner bar, working through to ends. Rinse. Avoid contact with eyes. 

Just add water, lather and rinse. Avoid contact with eyes. 

Face oil: 
Apply a few drops to fingers and smooth onto face and neck, avoiding eyes. 

Sea salt scrubs: 
Appy to damp skin and rub gently. Beware: use before shaving, or the salt will not feel good in any tiny nicks or razor burns! Avoid facial skin or broken skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Pro tip: We like to use the salt scrub, then a shave bar, shave, then rub legs with conditioner bar in the shower. Finish with some body butter for the softest shave!

Heel Balm: 
Apply to feet, or anywhere your skin is chapped. Push tube up from bottom. Avoid contact with eyes. 

Natural Deodorant: 
Push tube up from the bottom and apply to dry armpits. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to broken skin. 

The Longer Table Apothecary cannot guarantee that every product will be a perfect match for every human. We hope you will love your items, but please discontinue use if irritation develops or if you are allergic to any of our ingredients.