Body butters

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  • Body butters
  • Body butters

Super hydrating, thick and luxurious, this is the body butter that launched our business.

How to use: A little goes a long way. Warm a small scoop against your skin and rub into thirsty skin.

Ingredients: shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, fragrance oil

PLEASE NOTE: Prior to summer 2022, we did not offer these products in warm weather. We are now offering this late summer shipping, but purchase of this product means buyer understands that we cannot guarantee temperature control during delivery. If melted, it simply can be used as is or rewhipped once cool.

Scent descriptions:

Shenandoah: warm, cozy autumn vibes in the perfect transitional scent from summer to fall. Warm air, crisp leaves, apple nectar and a whisper of sandalwood, this scent reminds me of a drive through skyline drive in Shenandoah.

Tobacco and bay leaf: Another scent that feels uniquely southern, this one is earthy, woody and fresh. Layered on the sweet notes of tobacco you will find a touch of fir, cedar wood and bergamot.

Bourbon Butterscotch: Rich, creamy butterscotch meets warm vanilla and bourbon straight from an oak barrel. Delicious.

Lavender: the classic, relaxing spa scent we all adore

Chamomile: Crisp, relaxing and comforting, just like the tea.

Harvest Fig: A sophisticated and warm blend of fig and ginger, this is such an inviting fragrance. A best seller every year.

PLEASE NOTE: our fall market is pre order, and order fulfillment will take approximately three weeks.