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Spring subscription box pre order

Spring subscription box pre order

It's back and better than ever!

Our most popular item, our seasonal subscription boxes, are back after a pause last year. We are SO excited and have an amazing year planned.

We are starting Spring time off with a bang with this floral and fresh air inspired collection. What is inside:

Shower steamers: a complementary set to our previous Menthol Eucalyptus steamers, this set of two contains one lavender steamer for relaxation and one citrus steamer to help energize and refresh.

Exfoliating bar: scented in a light "fresh cut grass" scent that smells clean and invigorating, this scrubby bar is part soap and part bath bomb. Utilizing gentle sugar to exfoliate, this delightful bar bubbles and froths. Keep out of direct stream of water and it will last a few showers.

Soap bar: scented in "bluebell" this floral soap is an absolute delight. A blue ribbon will be added to packaging as a nod to the fields of beautiful blue flowers, but I decided to keep the bar pure and creamy and dye free, reminiscent of the fresh start that Spring brings.

Eau de Parfume: the highest concentration of fragrance, this perfume is really the star of the show. This fresh peony scent is gorgeous, rich but light and long lasting.

Luminous body oil: part oil, part gel, this body oil is the student that did extra credit when they already had a perfect grade. We could have stopped at apricot kernel oil, a skin loving moisturizer, but we didn't. This powerhouse contains meadowform oil, luxurious silica microspheres, and olivem which bonds with water to create a luxe lotion feel if you choose to use your oil fresh from the shower. Bronze and Gold Mica powders add a slight shimmer that is more "fresh sun" than "disco", I promise. This dry oil is one of our best introductions, and could compete with products ten times it's cost. This is a great pick me up for the transition from pale Winter skin to short sleeves and dresses in Spring.

Pre orders close February 1 and boxes begin shipping March 1.