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Twelve days of Christmas, day nine: zero waste hostess gift

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Twelve days of Christmas, day nine: zero waste hostess gift

We are in love with this functional, beautiful, earth friendly gift set for the entertainers on your list. Whether you gift as a set or individually, these practical items are sure to be welcomed.

Our unscented coconut zero waste dish soap bars are tough on grease, gentle on hands. Paired with a bamboo scrub brush, these bars will clean even the greasiest of dishes, but the bar itself can also be used as a stain stick for laundry or to help tackle any tough cleaning tasks at home.

You might recognize that bee balm hand cream because it's a repeat from the fall apothecary box. This cream is intense… a little goes a long way and it is perfect to keep by the kitchen sink to replenish your skin after dish washing. It carries a very neutral scent.

Finally, beeswax candles fall into the "if you know, you know" category of elegant gift giving. While everyone loves candles, beeswax candles are especially loved by those focused on natural living, sustainability and adding a little warmth and "crunch" to their home, making them the perfect grab and go gift for holiday hosts.