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Soy Wax Candles

Soy Wax Candles

Clean burning soy coconut wax candles in twelve ounce recyclable glass jars

Scent descriptions:

blueberry cobbler is a dead ringer for a favorite dessert. Rich noted of berry and vanilla, this candle smells like you could eat it!

Bourbon hits the right notes of the liquor, but with the addition of caramel sugar and vanilla to make it a pleasing home fragrance

Black cherry merlot is sophisticated and fruity, with a mature wine note that makes it not too sweet

Chocolate Espresso smells like your favorite coffee house, chocolate is the leading scent profile but coffee is right behind grounding it and keeping it from being too sweet

Tobacco cedar combines sweet tobacco leaf, warm western cedar and a rich sandalwood base with lighter citrus notes that make this an inviting, neutral scent

Basil, sage and mint encompasses the clean scents of your favorite spa with a walk outside in summer. Green, clean, crisp and wonderful

Citrus woods was our flagship candle scent and has remained a best seller. It's a complex scent with dark woods and deep patchouli notes combined with citrus and apple, ending in a creamy amber. You have to try it!

Vanilla bean… classic and delicious

Varna Black Sea is salty, dark and moody, like a moonlit walk on the coast of our favorite Bulgarian town, Varna. Fresh clean mandarin, clove, eucalyptus with salty notes of ocean air, this scent reminds us of traveling to meet our children and makes their far away homeland feel closer.

Beach, please smells like the quintessential romance novel read on a beach. Warm pistachio and coconut, a hint of salted caramel and deep tanka and sandalwood this scent is a dupe for Sol de Janiero's iconic "bum bum" cream.

Volcano/Citrus Agave is a dupe for Anthro's signature scent Capri Blue. Candied citrus meets green notes, this scent is a best seller across all of our lines.

Rosehip and Jasmine, a classic feminine fragrance that invokes romance and the English countryside, this one sells out in all of our product lines.