2024 apothecary boxes SUBSCRIPTION PRE ORDER

  • 2024 apothecary boxes SUBSCRIPTION PRE ORDER

What goes better with handmade, natural self care products for body and home than some useless life advice and funny anecdotes from a mom of ten who's seen it all?

We've created such a sense of community here at the longer table, that I hope to pull you a little closer to the divine chaos that lives rent free here in our home slash studio slash life and inspires us to create the products that drive our small business.

For 2024 each apothecary box will include a short story filled with humor and warmth and… a likely useless life tip, such as "peonies are not inside flowers."

The same products you love, themed to the seasons, these boxes will ship: March, June, September.

Purchase from this pre order and only pay shipping for one box.