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Learn more about international adoption

If your family has considered the international adoption of children with disabilities, we would be happy to encourage you and share our experience. 

Being our children's family is the greatest honor and privilege. We wish they were able to remain in their beautiful birth country, but we also believe that all children belong in families and not in institutions, here or abroad.  They needed a family and we had a family. We aren't heroes, and no one in their story is a villain. Each of our children's stories are unique, but they are all loved and treasured by family around the world.

Some say that they are lucky but that is not true. No child is lucky to lose their family, country, language and more. All adoption is rooted in loss and we grieve with our children. We are so thankful they joined our family, and we celebrate second chances. Always, we are the lucky ones. Rosie, Ezekiel and Micah make every day better. The other siblings will agree they are the unanimous family favorites. 

When people ask how we chose our children's country, or our children, we say that we saw our children and went to them. We would have followed them anywhere... they just happened to be living in orphanages in Eastern Europe. 

You can learn more about children with disabilities in need of a committed, loving, informed family at

From meeting our children to watching them grow and thrive, we are forever grateful to Reeces Rainbow and our community here at the Longer Table Apothecary for helping us bring them home. 


(picture description: meeting our son, Ezekiel, for the first time, January 2021)